What’s the craic! The name’s Mel. I’m actually leaving tumblr in the nearish future, but please do drop a line! Talking is grand. I'd love to take a crack at it with you ;)

However it is that you came to this little blog, I’m most glad that you’re here. While scrolling along you’re sure to find dozens of Doctor Who posts, snippets of Sherlock, numerous accounts of Nutella, ridiculous quantities of random hilarity and an astounding amount of alliteration.

Fill your boots, have a cuppa and scroll to your heart’s content.
November 11th
6:58 PM Central

a message from Anonymous

Mel.... all I wanted to say is... HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! 8D

Anon… there’s something I’d like to tell you…. YOU’RE SWEET AS A CUPCAKE COVERED IN SPRINKLES!! 

Stay awesome, you lovely person, you! 

thank you :)

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